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K.I.M Putra (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

Kim Putra Autobody Was Founded In 1972 In Malang, East Java, And Tried In The Field Of Body Building And Furniture Industry. This Was Confirmed By The Notary Deed Of Company By Ambar Pawittri, Sh. Subsequently Authorized By The Ministry Of Justice No.. C-11.Ht.03.01-Th. , 1998.

Kim Putra As A Special Body Of Truck Bodies To Make Various Types Of Truck Bodies Are All Good Brands That Kind Of Truck Flatbed Or Enclosed Tub Used For Public Transport And Freight With Special Specifications

The Company's Mission
Provide The Right Solution, And Provide The Best Service In The Manufacturing / Assembly, And Repair Of Facilities / Infrastructure Land Transport Fleet / Truck.

Vision Of The Company
Kim's Putra Wants To Give And Make It Manages Operations Superior, Reliable, Always Maintaining Quality, And Always Put Customer Satisfaction


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